Love, Loss, and the Occult
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All work on this website are original poems by Dena L. Moore and are copyrighted.  If you would like to post any of my work on your site or in print, please contact me or my publisher for permission.  The poetry on this site is only a very small sampling of my work.  

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Dena's Poetry: Poetry of Love, Loss, and the Occult is Written, Designed, and Maintained by
Dena L.  Moore. 

This site is under reconstruction...please excuse my messes!
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Dark Love Poetry by Dena L Moore
Occult Poetry - Pagan Poetry, Witchcraft Poetry, Magical Poetry, & Mysterious themes by Dena L Moore
Love Poetry by Dena L Moore
Medieval Poetry by Dena L Moore
I Plight to Thee     Falcon's Paradise     Last Kiss     Amongst the White Roses     A Haunting Dream... 

A Waking Dream ...     God Be Willing     To The Sea     When the Tower Fell     In Vain     Homecoming    

Forgiven     Spindle Sleep    Before Heaven and Hell    Her Sails Are Like Wings     Icy Petals (at Court)  

A Final Call for Love    Nectar of Your Spirit     Springtide     The Waters Stirred and Brewed    

Waves Over Stone

To Be Lost...    I Plight to Thee    Phoenix Rising     Resonance     Laura     Before I Surrender    Canso  

I Used to Be a Love Song     Only for Berries      Masked Angel    Two Perfect Petals     Before Heaven and Hell  

Shamed Beauty    As We Merged Before     Lightning & Tremors     My Lips Will Graze Your Lips   

Here Now, With You Again     Spiritual Coupling    Should I Count More Petals?     A Taste of an Elixir  

Without Fear     Metamorphosis    Springtide   Poetic Pearls of a Self-Proclaimed Caveman

God Be Willing

Love's Impropriety     In My House    Moonspinner, Bound     O, Phoenix Ba    The Night You Were Born    

Guardians of Magick     Forgiven     Before the Coven     Creating Viscosity     The Pumpkin Gatherer   

Weep, Willow    I Am A Witch    To Emania (Through the Guarded Gate)     Serpent and Mist   Here I Lie...Waiting

Beyond This Night     Down Inside The Well (We will be one)     Process of Creating     Cwn Annwn     Enter Me…

Cauldron of Changes (It’s Only a Matter of Time)     Within the Womb of the Earth   This is an Illusion

Weave the Web    Nectar of Your Spirit     A Rusty Tomb, A Brilliance Lost     Under A Hawthorn
Silence     A Final Call for Love    Closure     Conquest     Forgiven     Predator    Heaven, Revoked    

For Love, I Suffer     Contract of Intensity     A Dance    Death's Victory     Petals and Thorns     Tortured Passion   
When I Again Fall    A Pulse You Cannot Contain    Stained in My Blood     Serpent and Mist

Her Sails Are Like Wings     Shamed Beauty     Crossing Over     In 2013   For You (In this blood-stained canvas)    
Full Desperate Moon    A Dead, Drifting Thing     You’ve Shattered These Bones    Weave the Web

Frostbitten Love    Dark Edge of Inspiration     Petals Scattering     As Raw as a Soul Could Ever Be

A Plague without Form     Dark Side of the Moon     Come Fire, Hail, Brimstone…   The Poison of Your Embrace
Waterfall     Exhausted     Enclosed      Forgiven     A Dance     Tainted Gray Clay     A Little Gift   

The Perfect Color     Death's Victory     Fallen     None May See     Solitary Storm     Patterns, Cycles...   

A Shadow Reflected     Icy Petals (at Court)     Under The Sea (It is not my place)      Mercy of the Darkness     

Crossing Over    Within the Womb of the Earth     A Dead, Drifting Thing      A Final Call for Love

Broken (in this Human Flesh)    As Raw as a Soul Could Ever Be    Waves Over Stone    Common Sight

I am currently adding a lot of poetry to the site ~ please be patient while I add the pages!  The linked pages below will take you to what is currently available.  I will update the inner pages too, in time :) 

Newest - Lightning & Tremors (Erotic Love),  God Be Willing (Love & Medieval) ,  Under a Hawthorn (Occult - Faery),  In My House (Spiritual & Occult), & Common Sight (Dark Death Destruction)
NEW! Lightning & Tremors & God Be Willing
Through Night's Fire     One Lost Star     Those That Surround Me     Work the Stars     Eternal Spiral    

The Pumpkin Gatherer     Weep, Willow     Isolated in the Heavens     Stained in My Blood    

In My House    Hidden Soul    Miraculous Calm     Angelina's Wings     Master of the Mask

Solitary Storm    Patterns, Cycles...     An Uncanny Quiet     Process of Creating    Spindle Sleep    

Veiled in Stardust     Flame Upon Water     Full Desperate Moon    In 2013     Out of the Flames    

What Should Never Be    Surrender (A Duel of Logic and Intuition)     Enter Me....   This is an Illusion

NEW! Full Desperate Moon
NEW! A Final Call for Love & God Be Willing
NEW! Within the Womb of the Earth & Common Sight
NEW! Under a Hawthorn & In My House
NEW! Full Desperate Moon & In My House
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