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I've been writing ever since I can first poem was published at the age of 7 in my local newspaper about a caterpillar. Although I still write about the natural world, I have expanded my répertoire over the years, lol. I now write mythological, metaphysical, spiritual poetry, often about love, loss, the occult, interests are very eclectic and this is often obvious in my works. Influences include William Blake, Shakespeare, Keats, Byron, Shelley, EB Browning, Sylvia Plath, ancient middle Eastern and Egyptian poets (most of which are 'anonymous'), Rumi, Louise Bogan, Christina Rossetti, and truly the list continues on indefinitely. I do lean quite a bit toward the Romantic poets but also love the control of Bogan and the starkness of more simple works. I am 'classically' trained - meaning, yes, I have studied at University - but what I learned working on my degree in poetry (which I haven't finished!) is that I have my own strong emotional style and that my works are easily recognized if one has read a lot of my work! I am also very comfortable working within strict form and using the styles of others...but to give my 'punch' I express best in my own 'form.'  Poetry is one of my greatest loves...perhaps my first, most enduring love.

I currently have 4 poetry collections available - Fluidity of Creation, Immortality Lives..., Burning Constellations, & Each Death Draws Us Closer.  My poetry has appeared in Pentacle Magazine in the UK, Skyline Magazine in the US, on my own poetry site and is posted all over the web in various places (most of it without my permission, but it's difficult to control the beast of the internet, lol). I have worked as a columnist for a few newspapers in Michigan in my teens and at University and am published in my professional field (Karmic Astrology) in both the UK and Australia. I have several romance, supernatural, historic fiction novels in various states of completion but doubt I will shop them around any longer or finish the ones that are not complete...I have lost much of my interest in fiction over the past few years. I am currently working on my first full researched astrological book with hopes to have it ready for publication within a year...I have been putting it off for years but the time seems to be right now.

Dena L Moore - Dena's Poetry: Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult
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Astrological &  Spiritual Work
I am an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Metaphysician, & Spiritual consultant. I work internationally and am a self-acknowledged Astrology addict...astrology is so ingrained in my life that those who aren't astrologers (amateur or professional) could never comprehend it. But...I love my work and I love my clients. I put a lot of heart and Soul into my website, Through Night's Fire Astrology, and much of it is a labor of love - like my poetry, lol. Read more about my work as an astrologer here

I am also a Spiritual channel, with my primary channel being with the Archangel Metatron. I work on various levels of existence and help others learn about their karma and bring healing energy into the lives of others.

As an avid traveler, I am inspired by the places I have visited and the places I long to a poet, I see the beauty in the smallest the darkest things, and I embrace the darkness in the world. Without the dark, we simply can't appreciate the light.

I am always deep in the process of growth so the woman you know today will be even richer in spirit come tomorrow ;)

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Dena L Moore - Dena's Poetry: Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult