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Each Death Draws Us Closer - Dark Love Poetry - Dark Erotic Love Poetry - Dena L Moore - July 2009
I'm pleased to announce the release of my latest collection (July 2009) - Each Death Draws Us Closer

Each Death Draws Us Closer explores the intense, darker side of erotic love and the depth of emotions that are stirred when passionate love borders on obsession. This is a work of Dark Love Poetry...when a relationship falters or when one feels abused or abandoned by a lover, darker emotions may creep into our thoughts. Despite the pain and sometimes overwhelming feelings within, there is also the reminder that there is always a new life up ahead, a new chance to heal old karmic wounds and reunite in tender love...Dena L Moore explores these emotions through the imagery of Blood, Bones, Crypt, & Sea. Read selections from this work

Available in Paperback or as a download
Dena L Moore - Dena's Poetry: Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult
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Burning Constellations: Poetry for a Universal Soul - Dena L Moore

I'm pleased to announce the release (July 2008) -
Burning Constellations

Poetry for a Universal Soul ~ The poetry in Burning Constellations ranges from sweet love to dark desperation. Introspective poetry slips easily into spiritual longings for 'perfect' love and otherworldly ideals (such as Angels and World Peace). History combines with resurrected ideas--now considered New Age in nature--as well as an emphasis on nature, spirituality, and pagan concepts explored through poetry.

Available in Paperback or as a download

Burning Constellations is also available at Amazon
Immortality Lives...Embracing Poetry in a New Age
Older Poetic Works - Collections
Fluidity of Creation: Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult
Immortality Lives...Embracing Poetry in a New Age
(February 2002)

Sensual and mysterious, calming and yet at times disturbing, Immortality Lives... embraces antiquity while quickly forging into the future. Dena L. Moore's poetry rides a crescendo of emotion, capturing humanity full scale. From the blackest pits of desperation to the loftiest of spiritual realms, Immortality Lives... goes where many fear to tread.

"Immortality lives in the clay, the sand, and the artist's skillful hand."

Available at & other fine bookstores
Fluidity of Creation - Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult
(February 2002)

Poetry is pure spiritual emotion brought down to earth from the lofty heights of the human mind. Emotion is the song in our souls; it can be cold or passionate, forgiving or vengeful. Emotion is fluid and changing, and the poetry within Fluidity of Creation flows from the darkest corners of humanity to the outer reaches of the planets and New Age philosophy.

Available at & other fine bookstores

Professional Review for Fluidity of Creation:

Poetry in Sidereal Motion, October 27, 2002
By  Keith White, Ph.D. (the University of South Florida St. Petersburg) -

Dena L. Moore's poetry seems to have the ability to change the motions of the stars. Moore rearranges primal thoughts -- much like the gods rearranged the constellations to tell humanity new stories. Such efforts as "Closure" and "Here I lie...Waiting" give us a more intense light to follow when we have lost our way in the darkness. ... 
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Water and Stone, Ice and Flame

It’s the clash of water on stone,
The mountain top bald and beckoning,
Waiting for the storm to take shape, to mold
The stark whiteness into dark echoes and ridges.

It’s the hiss of ice on flame,
The crackle and spark rising fiercely,
Forcing the solid into liquid form, drenching
It’s own source; extinguishing it’s heat.

It’s the essence of you and I,
Water and Stone,
Ice and Flame,
Urging and beckoning, guiding and shaping

One another, changing our essence as
We clash and spark,
As we hiss and flow together,
A waterfall of emotions flaring up

Then calming into a gentle bend
In the river, a slow-moving cascade gliding
Over ancient rock, the foundation shaping
The flow, soothing us as we carve new ridges

In one another’s life.

Dena L Moore
June 27, 2009

Poetry of Love, loss, & the Occult
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